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Friday, February 10, 2017

Revolutionary Calcium Supplement Proves Effective for Treatment of Musculoskeletal & Autoimmune Diseases

With an Absorption Rate of 100%, NanoCal Can Effectively Treat Osteoporosis, Hypothyroidism, Alzheimer, and Numerous Forms of Cancer

Codeco, the Canada-based health nutrition supplement manufacturer, introduces NanoCal – a product set to be one of the most hailed health products of recent times. NanoCal is a revolutionary natural calcium supplement that was developed through patented nanotechnology. It is an FDA-approved health product created to offer a safer, affordable, and effective cure for Musculoskeletal diseases such as Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. However, numerous case studies have now proven the product’s effectiveness for a multitude of other health-related issues including hypothyroidism, chronic leukemia, ovarian and breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Sjögren's syndrome.

NanoCal’s effectiveness for the aforementioned diseases is proven through comprehensive clinical tests carried out in Germany. Nearly 80 percent of the test process is complete and the results have been exceptionally positive so far. According to the spokesperson, the miraculous results are achieved primarily due to the extraordinarily high absorption rate of NanoCal. Based on extensive research and experience of Codeco scientists, the said technology has aided the development of the very first calcium supplement that can be completely absorbed by the body.

Sharing his expert views regarding the absorption value of calcium supplements and how they can drastically magnify the effectiveness of the product, the spokesperson said, “Consuming calcium is not about how much or how often you take it. Calcium is all about absorption. Most generic supplements offer an absorption rate that ranges somewhere between 30 to a rare 70 percent. This means the rest of the calcium is excreted out. Most importantly, the amount that gets absorbed is hardly enough to meet the daily calcium requirement, let alone the requirement of those who already are suffering from a deficiency.”

According to the spokesperson, understanding the technical aspects of the patented nanotechnology used for NanoCal can help realize and accept the benefits of NanoCal. While numerous health supplement manufacturers have used nanotechnology to produce calcium supplements, Codeco is the first company to introduce a patented technology that can produce calcium nanoparticles sized 30-900nm. When compared to generic calcium products, NanoCal particles are 100,000 times smaller. A microscopic comparison of the NanoCal particle and calcium particle from a generic product also reveals a significant difference in the shape of the particle. The NanoCal particles are a much smoother spherical shape in contrast to the irregular and spiky shape of the latter. The smoother shape aids faster and better absorption.

While the skeptics accuse Codeco of making huge claims, the company has successfully backed its assertion through numerous case studies. Sharing some of the most crucial cases studies during the extensive series of clinical tests, the spokesperson said, “While we initially tested the product on Osteoporosis patients, and the results were unbelievable, we also tested it on patients with diseases that are most likely to be treated with proper intake and absorption of calcium.”

One of the most noteworthy case studies showed extremely positive effects of NanoCal on a 47 years old female hypothyroidism patient. After continuous consumption of NanoCal for 6 months, the patient’s thyroid hormone levels reached a sufficient point without any additional hormone therapy. In another case, a significant improvement was recorded in the condition of a 44 years old Sjögren's syndrome patient. After five months of administering NanoCal, all the symptoms including dry eyes, xerostomia, muscle pains, and arthritis.

The most considerable difference, according to the case studies, was noted in patients suffering from musculoskeletal diseases such as Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, tendinitis, and disc herniation to name a few. While most of the tests were conducted on patients with age-related musculoskeletal diseases, one of the patients was a 29-year-old professional athlete with chronic patellar tendinitis of the right knee. The patient was suffering from the condition for more than three years. Only three months of NanoCal administration offered her significant relief from the pain. According to the spokesperson, muscular dystrophy patients also reported relief from pain and stability in gait patterns after six months of NanoCal consumption on a daily basis.

Shedding some light on the effects of proper calcium intake on cancer, the spokesperson explained how calcium binds with fatty acids and bile acids to form calcium soaps. These are insoluble complexes that can reduce the acids’ ability to damage cells. Many epidemiologic studies have proven that calcium soaps can actually stimulate cell repair giving the body the ability to fight cancer. There is also a study suggesting that calcium can improve cell signalling causing the cancer cells to die or differentiate.

Utilizing award-winning advanced nanotechnology, Codeco has ensured the efficiency as well as safety of its natural calcium supplement. A high absorption rate of NanoCal eliminates the risk of calcium accumulating in the kidneys and other organs. Moreover, the product is free of harmful additives including chromium, lead, barium, mercury, sugar, gluten, and yeast. “At Codeco, the safety and well-being of our customers is our very first concern. We strive hard to minimize, if not eliminate, the side effects and risk factors of our products. All of our products, including NanoCal, are all-natural nutritional supplements that are safe for everyone,” the spokesperson added.

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